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2018 JUN


Jonathan Willcocks


The growing role of ESG in investing

The sixth in a series of videos looking at the change in investor behaviour over the years and how asset managers have responded, Global Head of Distribution, Jonathan (Joffy) Willcocks talks about ESG, a concept many decades in the making, finally gaining momentum.

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2018 MAY

Fund updates

Jim Leaviss


M&G (Lux) Absolute Return Bond Fund - Investment review

The challenge that investors face in obtaining positive returns from fixed income investments in an environment of rising bond yields was the main factor behind our decision to launch an absolute return bond fund. That challenge has become increasingly evident this year. Central banks look to unwind a decade of loose monetary policy, triggering increased uncertainty and volatility across asset classes and markets globally. We launched the M&G (Lux) Absolute Return Bond Fund – a highly flexible bond fund that targets steady, positive returns with a strong focus on minimising volatility and drawdowns – in December 2016.

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