Dave Perrett


Dave Perrett

David Perrett joined M&G as Co-Head of Asian Investment with 28 years of investment experience and was appointed to the management teams of the Japan and wider Asian strategies. David was previously with Oxford-based Port Meadow Capital Management, a boutique investment firm he co-founded with Carl Vine in 2014. Prior to that, he was a Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager with UBS, specialising in investing capital across the Asia Pacific region and was based in Hong Kong. David also served as Chief Investment Officer, Life and Institutional for Prudential Asset Management (Hong Kong), having begun his career with Prudential (London) in 1991. David holds a Bachelor of Science, Economics from the London School of Economics and a Master of Science from the University of London.


Asset class

  • Equities

Funds managed

  • M&G (Lux) Asian Fund
  • M&G (Lux) Japan Fund
  • M&G (Lux) Japan Smaller Companies Fund

Funds that Dave manages

Fund name Info Price Info Change
Date Info ISIN
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - EUR A ACC 39.85 -0.48
29.10.2020 LU1670618187
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - EUR C ACC 45.38 -0.545
29.10.2020 LU1670618260
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - EUR CI ACC 10.66 -0.128
29.10.2020 LU1797804967
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - USD A ACC 26.97 -0.399
29.10.2020 LU1670618344
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - USD C ACC 29.47 -0.436
29.10.2020 LU1670618427
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - CHF A-H Acc 8.17 0.029
29.10.2020 LU1797807630
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - CHF C-H Acc 8.29 0.029
29.10.2020 LU1797807713
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - EUR A Acc 15.70 0.108
29.10.2020 LU1670626446
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - EUR A-H Acc 8.18 0.029
29.10.2020 LU1797806400
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - EUR C Acc 17.98 0.123
29.10.2020 LU1670626529