Carl Vine


Carl Vine

Carl Vine joined M&G in 2019 as Co-Head of Asian Investment, with 22 years of investment experience, and was appointed to the management teams of the Japan and wider Asian strategies. Carl co-founded Oxford-based Port Meadow Capital Management, a boutique investment firm, in 2014. Prior to that, he worked as a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager for SAC Capital Advisors in Hong Kong and was the Asian-based member of their global investment committee. Before that, Carl was a Managing Director at UBS in Hong Kong, where he invested proprietary capital across Asia and Japan, and a Principal for TPG-Axon Capital. He began his career with Prudential Portfolio Managers in London, before relocating to Tokyo to open Prudential’s Japan office. Carl holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Oxford University.


Asset class

  • Equities

Funds managed

  • M&G (Lux) Asian Fund
  • M&G (Lux) Japan Fund
  • M&G (Lux) Japan Smaller Companies Fund

Funds that Carl manages

Fund name Info Price Info Change
Date Info ISIN
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - EUR A ACC 39.85 -0.48
29.10.2020 LU1670618187
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - EUR C ACC 45.38 -0.545
29.10.2020 LU1670618260
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - EUR CI ACC 10.66 -0.128
29.10.2020 LU1797804967
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - USD A ACC 26.97 -0.399
29.10.2020 LU1670618344
M&G (Lux) Asian Fund - USD C ACC 29.47 -0.436
29.10.2020 LU1670618427
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - CHF A-H Acc 8.17 0.029
29.10.2020 LU1797807630
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - CHF C-H Acc 8.29 0.029
29.10.2020 LU1797807713
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - EUR A Acc 15.70 0.108
29.10.2020 LU1670626446
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - EUR A-H Acc 8.18 0.029
29.10.2020 LU1797806400
M&G (Lux) Japan Fund - EUR C Acc 17.98 0.123
29.10.2020 LU1670626529