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Navigating uncertainty

Uncertainty can bring discomfort for your clients, but it also brings opportunities.

We understand that market uncertainty can create different and changing priorities for your clients, and in the current climate, there are a range of challenges now facing more defensively-minded investors.

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With this in mind, clients are looking for a more stable investment journey. The section below highlights approaches to investing that look to navigate and chart a steadier course, even in choppy market conditions and includes strategies for:

  • Beating inflation
  • Traversing higher interest rates
  • Charting a steadier course with absolute return funds.

Whether your clients are looking for a core holding within a diversified portfolio or an all-in-one investment solution, here at M&G we believe these strategies focus on limiting the downside in difficult conditions, while aiming to provide a reliable and steady return.

The value of investments and the income from them will fluctuate. This will cause the fund price to fall as well as rise. There is no guarantee the funds’ objectives will be achieved and you may not get back the original amount you invested.

Discover our range of investment strategies
M&G (Lux) Absolute Return Bond Fund A flexible, multi-strategy bond fund with a strong emphasis on controlling downside risk in challenging market conditions.
M&G Global Floating Rate High Yield Fund Aims to grow capital and provide income by investing mainly in high yield floating rate notes (FRNs) issued by global companies.
M&G (Lux) Global Target Return Fund A defensive outcome-focused multi-asset fund with the tools to perform in different market conditions.
M&G (Lux) European Inflation Linked Corporate Bond Fund Designed to protect the value of capital and income from the effects of inflation by generating a return at least consistent with UK inflation over any three to five year period.
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