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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section you will find answers to a selection of questions that we are frequently asked by our users and clients. If the information you are looking for is not included below, please contact us.


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Frequently asked questions


What is M&G’s postal address in Luxembourg?

M&G International Investments Ltd.
Taunusanlage 19
60325 Frankfurt am Main

When is M&G’s cut off time?

11:30 am CET. Please note depending on the platform you are using the cut off time might differ.

When is the valuation point?

13:00 pm CET

Where do I have to send my orders to?

Orders need to be sent to our transfer agent RBC IS to the following fax number: 00352 2460 9901

What is M&G’s settlement period for subscriptions and redemptions?

Subscriptions = T+3
Redemptions = T+5

How can I invest in EUR/USD/CHF share classes?

The share classes can be bought via the transfer agent RBC in Luxembourg. All funds are also available via Clearstream and Euroclear.

How can GBP share classes be bought?

All of them are available via IFDS (International Financial Data Services) in the UK. Selected funds are also available via the transfer agent RBC.

What is the difference between income and accumulation share classes?

With accumulation shares any income earned on fund investments is automatically reinvested into the fund. The price of the shares continues to reflect the reinvestment of the income.

With income shares, potential income earned on fund investments is made available for payment to investors and is removed from the fund on the ex-dividend date. The price of the ‘ex-dividend’ shares reduces to reflect the payment of income. All income earned on fund investments in a fund year must be paid out to investors in that year. Any income paid to holders of the fund is taken from the income earned by the underlying investments of the fund. The capital of the fund is never used to pay out income to investors.

What is M&G’s bank account information?

The bank account details for EUR, USD, CHF and GBP transactions are:

Bank details for EUR payments
Bank JP Morgan Chase Bank
125 London Wall, London EC2Y 5AJ
Account name M&G International Investments Ltd
Account no. 24457901
Sort code 60-92-42
Swift code CHASGB2L (Target system. Correspondence swift code CHASDEFX)
IBAN GB39CHAS60924224457901

Bank details for USD payments
Bank JP Morgan Chase Bank
N.A. New York (CHASUS33) under direct SWIFT advice to
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., CHASGB2L
Account name M&G International Investments Ltd
Account no. 0010962009
Final beneficiary account no. 24457905
IBAN GB28CHAS60924224457905

Bank Details for CHF Payments
Bank JP Morgan Chase Bank
Account name M&G International Investments Ltd
Account no. 02300000044129050000B
Ultimate Beneficiary Account no. 24457913 / IBAN GB06CHAS60924224457913
Correspondent Bank UBS AG, Zurich

Bank details for GBP payments
Bank JP Morgan Chase Bank
Account name M&G International Investments Ltd
Account no. 24457909
Sort code 60-92-42
IBAN GB17CHAS60924224457909

What is the minimum investment amount?

For A-share class = 1.000 EUR/USD/CHF; for C-share class = 500.000 EUR/USD/CHF.

What is the minimum amount for a top up investment?

Class A: 75 EUR/USD/CHF
Class C: 50.000 EUR/USD/CHF

How much are the redemption fees?

There are no redemption fees for Class A and C.

What is the Clearstream / Euroclear account number?

The account numbers are:
Clearstream: 10052;
Euroclear: 20094

Is SWIFT trading possible?

Yes, it is. Format 15022 is used.

How many decimals do you accept?

We accept two decimals for currency orders and three decimals for orders in units.

On which public holidays are transactions not possible?

The M&G funds are closed for dealing and settlement on UK holidays. The holiday schedule for 2015:

New Year’s Day

Friday, 1 January 2016

Good Friday

Friday, 3 April

Easter Monday

Monday, 6 April

Early May Bank Holiday

Monday, 4 May

Spring Bank Holiday

Monday, 25 May

Summer Bank Holiday

Monday, 31 August

Christmas Day

Friday, 25 December

Boxing Day (substitute)

Monday, 28 December

General Questions

Where can I access the daily and historic fund prices?

You can access our funds’ daily prices, including historic prices under the ‘Prices and Performance’ page.

We value the funds each business day and display the daily price from around 20:00 CET on that day.

How can I contact M&G?

Please visit the ‘Contact us’ page to find out more.

Alternatively you can find the full list of our global contacts here.

How can I find out how my fund is performing?

You can find the latest prices and performance on our Prices page.

Where can I find your fund factsheets?

All our factsheets are available for download on the ‘Literature’ page.

Where can I find the Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)?

All our KIIDs are available for download on the ‘Literature’ page.

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