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M&G Prudential

M&G and Prudential UK & Europe to form M&G Prudential – a savings and investment business to meet customer demand for comprehensive financial solutions.

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Update on the proposal to transfer assets to M&G’s Luxembourg platform.

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Funds in focus

Fund name Info Price Info Change
Date Performance Date Performance
1 YR (%)
Optimal Income Fund - Euro A-H Acc 20.28 -0.008
08.12.2017 08.12.2017 4.22 5.19
Dynamic Allocation Fund - Euro A Acc 16.59 0.072
08.12.2017 08.12.2017 8.08 8.79
Global Floating Rate High Yield Fund - Euro A-H Acc 10.75 -0.003
08.12.2017 08.12.2017 2.16 2.77
Global Macro Bond Fund - Euro A Acc 13.14 0.024
08.12.2017 08.12.2017 -6.37 -4.93
Global Dividend Fund - Euro A Acc 24.71 0.183
08.12.2017 08.12.2017 5.21 8.2
Prudent Allocation Fund - Euro A Acc 10.87 0.025
08.12.2017 08.12.2017 5.55 6.09
Emerging Markets Bond Fund - Euro A-H Acc 11.41 -0.004
08.12.2017 08.12.2017 10.01 10.54
Global Themes Fund - Euro A Acc 32.46 0.207
08.12.2017 08.12.2017 10.05 11.95

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